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Have a Tree-mendous (and SAFE) Holiday

Have a Tree-mendous (and SAFE) Holiday

Here are some tips to help to have a beautiful and safe holiday.

  • The key is making sure your tree stays watered. So, before you set up your Christmas tree, make a fresh, straight cut across the base of the trunk (about a quarter inch up from the original cut) and place the tree in a tree stand that holds a gallon of water. A tree will absorb as much as a gallon of water in the first 24 hours, plus one or more quarts during the first week.
  • Be sure to keep the tree stand filled with water. A seal of dried sap will form over the cut stump in four to six hours if the water drops below the base of the tree and will prevent the tree from absorbing water. If a seal forms, make another fresh cut to the base of the trees stump.
  • For safety, the best way to keep a tree fresh and fire resistant is to keep it supplied with water at all times. As long as the tree takes up water, it will be relatively fire resistant.
  • Do not decorate the tree with cotton, paper or any other materials that are flammable. Wax candles and other types of open flame should be avoided.
  • Keep your tree away from heat and draft sources like fireplaces, radiators, heating vents, televisions and stereos.
  • Lights and wiring should be checked for worn spots and cracks before hanging them on the tree. Never overload your electrical outlets. Use only UL-approved Christmas lights and nonflammable decorations. Be sure to always unplug the Christmas lights before you go to bed or leave the house.