Haworthia is a dainty succulent plant which is frequently compared to an Aloe. Commonly known as the Zebra Cactus, the white wart like tubercles cover the back of the leaves in a pattern which resembles a Zebra stripe.  They are almost always small and very slow growing plants but tend to look brilliant in unusual containers or interesting soil mixes. As a result, they can make fantastic easy care gifts and presents for people, suiting either a home or office desk environment.

They take various light conditions but not direct sunlight or deep shade.  Since they only need to be watered once a month, it makes a wonderful plant for those individuals who sometimes forget to water their plants. They are very tolerant of under watering, but will succumb quickly to rotting if overwatered.  Feed your Haworthia only occasionally and when you do, ensure it's a weak solution.


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