Beautiful blasts of blue best describe plumbago, a native of South Africa. With its’ ease of growth, minimal basic needs and negligible pest and disease problems, it is a nearly perfect choice for those who like to think of themselves as plant killers. Plumbago requires very little care and fulfills a variety of needs in the landscape. It is fast-growing and has light-green oblong leaves which are evergreen and stay the same color in winter, providing an attractive, year-round frame for its fragrant, phlox-like sky-blue flowers. To encourage its best growth and performance, plumbago should be planted in soils that are slightly acidic and drain well.  It tolerates partial sun and partial shade, but the flowers it produces won't be as numerous as those of plants grown in full sun conditions.  One of the best things about plumbago is that it's moderately tolerant to drought conditions, especially once it’s established in the landscape.  Watering once every week or two is sufficient.


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