Pottery Pots Fiberstone Essential Collection


All of the products in the Fiberstone Essential collection of Pottery Pots consists of a mixture of fiberglass and stone powder. This combination ensures a durable material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use at any temperature. The timeless appearance and high quality of the lightweight planters and pots means that they will last for years.  

The unique characteristics such as the different appearances, light weight and low maintenance make this material a great alternative for planters and pottery.  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes with a calm and simple appearance, the modern high gloss finish is ideal for the stylish home whether for entry hall décor or filled with colorful flowers on a deck or patio.

Pottery Pots is a Dutch company that develops and sells high quality planters, garden furniture, accessories and related products for house, garden, office and public spaces. It was established in 2008 by the brothers Tycho and Isan Schafraad  and has grown enormously since then. The brothers’ mission is ‘to make design accessible’.  Their ongoing curiosity ensures they will continue to inspire and surprise their customers. 


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