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Four Nerve Daisy

With yellow, daisy-like flowers during spring and early summer on thin wiry stems that wave in the breeze and flag down passing butterflies, this native perennial is also known as hymenoxys. The long narrow leaves of gray-green foliage form a clump from which the flower stems arise. When in full bloom, Four Nerve Daisy can appear covered with flowers and the individual flowers are long lasting.  The bright-yellow flowers are mostly found from February through early summer, although it has been known to show flowers almost every day of the year.

Great for use in borders and in rock gardens, its extended period of blooming makes it a welcome addition to gardens and landscapes, especially in the winter. Four-nerve Daisy may be used instead of other traditional border plants since it provides a lot of color.  They prefer a rocky, well-drained soil with full sun or part afternoon shade and are very heat and drought-tolerant so be sure not to overwater.  Planting them in groups makes for a bright, stunning burst of yellow.