Flame Acanthus (Texas Firecracker Plant)


A Texas native perennial with bright green foliage and hot red-orange tubular flowers beloved by hummingbirds and butterflies, Flame acanthus, also known as the hummingbird bush, is a tough and must-have plant for landscape. The blooms will last from the middle of the summer to early winter. Due to its hardiness and adaptability, Flame acanthus is a great option for xeriscaping. It also works well as a border along a sidewalk or driveway as it grows around 3 - 4 feet in height but also works well in pots. The bark is light and flaky and makes an interesting winter and early spring accent.

Flame acanthus is drought tolerant and loves the heat. It prefers full sun to part shade with soil that is dry to moist. Since it is native the rocky hills and grainy, poor soil of the Edwards Plateau, it works well in all soil types but in a location that is well-drained. Pruning it in early spring will encourage more growth and more blooms. Prune lightly for shape and to control size as needed. Supplemental watering in dry conditions as well as a summer rain will help to encourage and trigger more blooms.


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