Pink Muhly Grass


With a light, airy pink display that is worthy of a fairy princess, pink mulhy grass is an easy-to-grow, ornamental grass which provides gorgeous late-season color. Its delicate pink plume seed heads completely envelop the foliage in late summer, swaying gently in the late summer and fall breezes. They can be planted en masse, in a patio container or placed between shrubs in the landscape. This beautiful but rugged perennial is deer resistant, thrives in nearly any soil, and tolerates heat, humidity and even drought conditions.

Plant your pink mulhy grass in any type of soil, so long as it drains well. Several can be planted together but space them at least 2 feet apart for an eye-popping effect. The lighting should be as bright and sunny as you can find in your garden or landscaping. With the exception of light trimming if you wish, this grass thrives on cruel neglect. It tolerates rocky soil where there is little organic matter, merciless sun and stretches of dry weather.


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